Aerial view of the New Dawn operation

We are located  in a secluded clearing in a forested area just minutes from the town of Elmvale.  The original farm was purchased in 1976 and since that time, has undergone quite a transformation to what it is today.   We are "addicted"  do-it-yourselfers so have had a direct hand in every building project from start to finish.

Our sign is a sure sign that you've found the right place.

As you turn in the driveway you will see a large statue of an Appaloosa horse rearing above our flower garden.  Behind the spruce tree is our house that has had many renovations over the years.   Here's a picture of what the house looked like before we started to fix it up.

yep, we're not fooling you!  That is the house in 1976!

This the barn as it appears from the road (left) and from the driveway (right).  We have 27 stalls in total in both barns.  12 - 10x12 box stalls in the new barn and a combination of standing stalls and box stalls with removable partitions for foaling in the older barn.  Here's what the original barn looked like in 1976.

It's easy to see the original barn in the photo above,  by the roof line.

WOW!  Here we grow again!! 2002 brought the addition of another barn located on the south end of the "new" barn.  You can see this two story addition in the top photograph.  We now have 6  12 X 12 box stalls, a barn office,  bathroom and a Boarders' room (party room) complete with small kitchen facilities.

Here's a look up the aisle of the barn towards the arena doors......

This is the arena that we access from the doors at the end of the aisle in the barn.  Looks like every other one, doesn't it!  It's 60' x 120' and it's set up with a  round pen that we use regularly.

Back outside now to the oak board paddocks off to the east of the house where we keep our stallions as well as 3 smaller paddocks for visiting horses.

The rest of the horses from weanling and up, all enjoy turnout in a 30 acre forested area to the west and north of the barns where they have free access to hay and water.  When there's pasture they also have daily turnout on a rotation basis to three large paddocks.

We now offer weekend retreats on our farm.  Come with your horse, learn new skills with Wendy Downer, Certified John & Josh Lyons trainer/instructor.  Stay in our "bunkhouse" and enjoy a weekend totally emerged in your horse.   Check out more information at
Kinder Horsemanship

Thanks for the visit!