We strive to produce excellent individuals with each breeding,  always with the intent to sell the resulting foal to a new, appreciative owner.  However, sometimes, despite our efforts to the contrary, a horse will get under our skin,  just a bit more than others.  We call these "keepers" and each has secured it's special place in a different way.  Here's our "Keepers"

This is 'Maxed the Colour' or better known as "Cheeky".
His unusual colouring is what most folks notice first -  high whites, bald face with blue eyes and  soft dun spots in a big blanket.  It was his mischievous  personality that made him a "keeper" at a very early age.  He is a great trail horse and is one to carry me "over the mountain" and back safely. 
In 2007, Cheeky was conscripted to be one of my horses through the John and Josh Lyons Certification program.  He was trailered 4 times back and forth to Parachute, Colorado.  He was ridden 5 to 6 days / week for an average of 6 or 7 hours / day for each 3 week session.  He proved to me again, that I had made a very good decision making him a "keeper".

Grandkids.....they make it difficult to "stick to yer guns" about selling horses.  This young mare was going nicely under saddle and prime for selling.  However, my young granddaughter has always been partial to China and was pretty adamant that this was "her" horse.  So.....she has become a "keeper" and Reagan enjoys riding or messin' around with China each day.  The funny thing is that this horse is as crazy about the kid as the kid is about her........don't you love the Appaloosa?!

My daughter has always wanted "her perfect Appaloosa"  -  that being a chestnut colt (gelding) with 4 white stockings, blaze and blanket.  We've come close over the years but usually there's a sock or two missing or it's been a filly.  When this fella arrived he was.....though he is technically a dun (don't tell her!) "perfect"!  Thus Spencer instantly became a "keeper".  Spencer has now begun his career under saddle and is going very nicely.  He will be brought along through the Lyons program with Kari riding and Mom teaching.

Jake has now been added to our "keepers" page. He, along with Cheeky, was conscripted to participate in the Lyons Certification program during 2007. After being the unbroke horse during Certification, he then became my broke horse for the Josh Lyons Accreditation program in 2008.  He will continue on as a demo horse and maybe even try his hand at reining.

Now, there's probably a few other horses on this farm that you'd have a hard time talking me into selling, but you can try!
Thanks for reading!